What is a tofusquirrel?

This elusive illustrator roams the city of Boston creating works of art to delight and intrigue. Her unique illustrations can be seen on posters, ads, t-shirts, and many other mediums.

What can a tofusquirrel do?

A tofusquirrel is well known in the animal kingdom for it’s dexterity with colorful markers, pens, and penciles. Should you get the attention of a tofusquirrel, it will be at your service to provide professional illustration services in exchange for a very reasonable fee. The tofusquirrel is familiar with all mediums and can provide you with illustrations for your website, your advertising, or anything else you can imagine seeing an eye-catching illustration on.

How do I contact tofusquirrel?

New tofusquirrel site almost here! Check back soon.